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Benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO Gold Coast by Day Time

Gold Coast SEO by Day Time

SEO is a process of creating or increasing traffic to the website. It is a tactic used to invite people to a website or business. SEO came to use in 1997 according to an industry analyst Danny Sullivan.

SEO refines the actual search term and is used to improve the quality of a website ranking it higher.

There are two major types of search engine optimisation. Black Hat SEO is not preferred and is described to be an improper method of Search Optimisation. The White Hat SEO are the opposite and are the techniques used by respectable SEO companies.

There are tonnes of documentation and articles about the two methods of optimisation but that is for another article.

Paying for an SEO service is a very good idea because it helps to lift your rank in a search engine.

Are you still thinking of a reason why you would need Search Engine Optimization?

Here are some of the benefits when using Search Engine Optimisation as part of the online marketing strategies.

Increase in Traffic

SEO is the best way to maximise your website traffic. You can generate extra traffic by just posting links on blogs, website but SEO gets traffic targeted to your business.

Obtaining first page positions on search engine result will turn your online business into a gold mine. 90% of users won’t browse past the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo or other major search engines.

High Brand Reliability

After entering a keyword in a search engine, the first website listed that match the searched keyword are said to be trustworthy. Ranked high in the search result means your website has what it takes to be reliable. People believe being in the first list of searched keyword means the website is compatible and credible. SEO makes your website more efficient and trustworthy. It makes people want to know more about your website. The further back your website is on the searched result makes it less important or relative to the searched keyword.


Marketing is the soul of a business. Without proper marketing, a business cannot move forward. You don’t start a business and expect people to just walk in and purchase your products or services. If you are unique in the market people need to know about you and trust your company.

You need to market what you have and give them a reason why they should buy the good or service you provide. SEO is the best when it comes to marketing. You benefit a lot from using Search Engine Optimisation to market your goods or services. Search Engine Optimisation is only one thing you need for your website to move forward.

Online and offline Advertising, Branding, ads on the website, blogs and social medias also help to strengthen the business. Since your competitors are using SEO and getting positive returns, you should not slack behind and take advantage of using SEO.

Best Marketing ROI ( Return on Investment )

SEO offers the best return on investment for your business. First, it runs 24/7 365 days a year, when you get clicks generate organically as a result of SEO. A much higher percentage of the visitors that entered the website turn into a sale, leading to faster Return Of investment.

Many people may miss-click on paid ads created for your website and that will cost you money without ROI. Paid advertising revenue is directly proportionate to the amount of money spent VS SEO which is a constant monthly fee.

Increasing your Ranking

SEO done right can brings lots of people to your website. It might even be required of you to upgrade the website to a faster hosting to improve user’s experience. Unlike ads, Search Engine Optimization makes your position permanent. As long as you stay on the #1 page of Google or other search engines you benefit from a continuous online presence. That translates into a continuous stream of income.

Understanding what SEO is and using it in your business will make you a better online marketer. Even if you are a beginner in the online business.

However, SEO is not only good for competing online, but also for companies who need to move higher in their market niche.

Money used to purchase online services and improve your company SEO are an investment, not an expense. But you need to make sure you are using the right SEO company.

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Search Engine Organic Promotion Trends

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a very popular Online Marketing strategy use in today business world.

SEO is a natural or organic ranking method in Search engine Result Pages (SERP).

One SEO strategy does not remain as it is for a long time as to the rapid changes in technology.

New SEO strategies replace old strategies. It is worthwhile to know the new tendency in the SEO field.

According to the SEO Marketing Experts, upcoming main trends of SEO can be arranged as follows;

Mobile optimisation

These days more people use their mobiles and tabs to search information than desktops and laptops.

The SEO professionals highly focus on the mobile SEO and creating content for Mobiles.

It is important business owners should get the proper action to make their websites more mobile friendly.

Otherwise, there is a risk of losing customers to competitors. SEO Gold Coast

How to choose an SEO Gold Coast company

Choosing an SEO company it not that hard, just search in Google, Bing, Yoast, Yahoo or other search engines for the keyword “SEO Gold Coast”.

( eg. In Sydney you will search for “SEO Gold Coast” without the double quotes.)

“SEO Gold Coast” is one of the most competitive if not the most competitive organic keyword in the SEO industry in Gold Coast.

Look at the organic result on the first page in Google, Bing, Yoast, Yahoo or preferred search engine and there you will find reputable SEO companies.

The theory is simple. “You Won’t Trust a Bankrupt Financial Planner Why Trust an SEO Gold Coast Company Not Ranked On Google First Page ?”

Almost any company or individual can provide SEO services , the main difference is providing quality SEO services targeted to specific needs of each individual business.

Finding a marketing expert in Gold Coast is not easy as a good SEO company is hard to find and even harder to differentiate before you start spending your money.

Few things to consider before selecting a SEO Company to provide SEO services for your business in Gold Coast:

  • First you need to know what you actually want in terms of marketing your business
    • Do you want to improve the ranking of your website ?
    • Do you want to improve your website conversion rate ?
    • Do you want to get more social media coverage ?
    • Do you want more leads to your business ?
    • Do you want to try different marketing strategies ?
  • Secondly you will need to know or figure out which marketing strategy or combination of marketing strategies could have an impact on your business.
    • too often we get customers which read or heard that online marketing will improve their business so they went ahead with it.
    • they found out that not all marketing strategies work for them, they got more traffic but that traffic wasn't converted into sales.
    • based on the marketing strategy used some of them have a direct impact with immediate returns others take a bit of time to mature and provide ROI
  • If you want the best SEO and ROI keep away from the cheapest SEO companies. They claim a lot of search engine optimization achievements and they guarantee your SEO results you just have to pay them . The price is not much so you won't miss it but in reality you won't get nothing much then an automated reporting and some bots generated traffic on your website.
  • Know what you want and ask for proven results from the Gold Coast search engine optimisation company you approach. Once you have a few examples and testimonials you go and verify online by searching the keywords they claim on the first page of Google, Bing, Yoast, Yahoo.
  • Present your business to the company and then ask them to have a look and recommend some marketing strategies that work with your business.
  • You should not worry about price till you get to the final stages as price is relative you will always pay for something which is worth the money. The price is always dictated by the ROI .
    • Example 1: if you pay for your marketing strategies $500 / month and you increase your sales by $10,000 / month.Great deal and great return on investment but your business can do so much more.
    • Example 2: it's hard to convince yourself to pay $10,000 / month but if you increase your monthly sales to $100,000 / month that won't be an issue any longer.
    • Best Advice is to start with a medium affordable budget and gradually build from there as a great marketing team can turn your business around and fill your bank account. But they need to be motivated financially in return.
      • The old saying " If you pay peanuts you get monkeys." applies to SEO Services as well. Looking for the cheapest way to promote is not always the cheapest way especially when you start to measure ROI.

SE Organic Promotion Trends

2017 is around the corner. We all know new year will bring out a whole new set of changes in the way businesses market their products or services. But some trend of Search engine organic promotion will remain important in New Year as well.

Marketers try to improve their ranking with SEO/SEM, and they research a lot how people browse web and interact online.

According to recent research in the USA alone, an average of 12.5 billion web searches are conducted each month. SEO services will attain importance more than anything else.

As it helps the company and will drive quality traffic, improved visibility, boost one’s brand and lends credibility it needs to succeed.

Other than that search engine organic promotions trends are :

  1. Videos Will Still Rule:

No matter what you are selling or promoting, if you need quality traffic you must consider organic promotion trend of Video.

As some statistics say that there are 1 billion users on YouTube. So you see there is a huge crowd up for grabs. And with time it will rise because “seeing is believing”. People love to see and experience firsthand video reviews or presentations.

You attract a lot of people showing good quality unique videos. And the only investment is a good camera and some software. Most of the recent mobile phones are equipped with very good cameras and there are hundreds of video editing software out there.

If you want to take it to the next level you can hire someone professional. They will shoot, edit and enhance your videos.

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